Parenting is about raising children.  Keep that in mind when you are interacting with your children.  If you had children so they could make you happy, you made a mistake.  Even in the old economy, before retirement savings, when people needed children to care for them in their old age, it was still the task of the parents to equip the children for being adults.

Parenting is about raising children.  Raising children, now, is about transitions.  Toddlers turn into grade-schoolers.  Pre-teens turn into teens.  And they are not the same.  Parents teach and lead.  They train from one stage to another.  Parents need to recognize where their children are, though, to lead well.  We teach different things for different stages.  We need to teach things differently for the different stages, as well.

Keep these two things in mind at the same time.  We help our young children learn to count and to read by sitting with them.  We model relationships and conflict management by being with them.  We help them develop a sense of responsibility by having them do.

Different things different ways.

How are you raising your children?  How are you aware of transitions?  Think of where you want them to be in a few years and use that as the goal.  They won’t magically know how to count just because they are in Kindergarten.  They won’t magically know how to cook or do launder just because they moved out.  Keep the goal in mind!