The name Fair Havens was chosen to be representative of a safe port in the midst of the storms of life.  Fair Havens Counselling grew out of a desire to provide support and answers to people in need.  When I was a military chaplain, I spoke with numerous individuals and couples who told me their stories.  I could sit with them and listen to their pain and their need, but I did not feel adequate to guide them through their journey to resolution.  At the same time I was starting to run into people I had not seen for several years.  When I asked them how their family was, I was starting to get tired of hearing back that they were split-up or divorced.  This represented a huge toll on the individuals and the children of the relationships.


I started to question why these relationships were breaking down.  I became convinced that it was often that they key building blocks for marriage were missing.  So, the stresses of everyday life made the relationships at even greater risk.  In a desire to be a real resource to people struggling with the problems of life, I sought out further education, training and supervised experience.


Now I don't have all the answers, but, that's not really the point.  I now have the tools to help people find the answers they already have within themselves, and to engage the resources that they can draw upon.  Fair Havens gives me the opportunity to be a source of hope for people as they seek to make changes in their lives and their relationships.