In today's world, we quickly learn the value of money.  I can buy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop for a few dollars.  The larger the coffee, the higher the price.  We also eventually learn the value of time.  Summer vacations do not last forever anymore, once we enter the work force.  We start to worry that we are making the most of our time.

There are some things we find it easy to put a value on.  The bigger the coffee cup, the more the value.  If we buy a house, or a car, we can see what we are getting for our money.  We can even look at the comparable values of other houses or cars being sold.  There is a fair market value for a movie at the theatre.  So, that's the value.  If it is an experience we are paying for, like a visit to a museum, we might weigh the anticipated enjoyment or education against the cost of admission.

As we value our time, we might choose how we spend it, or invest it.  We watch a sporting event for the enjoyment, but we would not sit and watch something we are not interested in.  We might take time to learn to play a sport, or to play an instrument.  In cases like these, we might say we invested the time to learn.

When it comes to relationships, though, often we do not judge well what they are worth.  If it is a marriage or a parent-child relationship, we might take things for granted.  When we have the relationship, we don't tend to think in terms of what it is worth—especially when it is not going great.  But, what would you pay to keep a relationship going well?  How much time would you invest to increase the relationship’s value?

Harmony at home, or a fulfilling relationship is not something you can hold in your hand, but there is still value.  And relationships are worth the time and effort to make them better.

Take a little time for your children.  Take a little time for your spouse.  Spend some time together.  Slow down and talk to each other.  Listen to the other’s concerns, hopes, perspectives.  Invest your time.  Invest your money as well.  Buy a book on parenting, or understanding teens.  Go to a marriage conference or take a retreat together, before a crisis happens.

Invest time and money now in the things that are worth the most in your life: relationships.