Why Marriage Preparation?

     Today’s divorce rates do not give great hope that a new relationship will last “til death do us part” anymore.  There are many sources of stress on a relationship, each contributing to marital dissatisfaction that leads people to abandon the marriage.  Some of these sources can be minimized while others just have to be weathered.  Marriage Preparation, or Pre-Marital Counselling, can help in both these areas.

     Pre-Marriage counselling can help a couple identify and sort out some of their differences—or similarities—that can cause them friction.  Preparation can also identify other potential sources of challenge and provide some resolution in those areas.

     Still, every relationship will experience some ups and downs, and marriage preparation can help a couple build a strong foundation that will give them the best hope for long-term success and happiness—in spite of the storms of life.  There is, necessarily, a transition in new relationships.  They start out exciting and romantic, but need to grow deep and broad.  Couples need to prepare for obstacles and challenges by developing healthy habits and patterns of interaction.

      Counselling can help prepare a couple for years of togetherness by giving them an awareness of possible difficulties, by equipping them with the tools to resolve conflicts, and by processing issues form the past.  Every relationship deserves support and the best chance to succeed.

Marriage Preparation Sessions (What to Expect)

        Marriage Preparation counselling is offered as a series of sessions leading toward a deepening intimacy and maturing of the love relationship.  This counselling is not group counselling, and is tailored to suit the needs of the couple.  The content is a combination of personal exploration, teaching, and therapy.


       Typically, the series is comprised of 6 sessions: 5 sessions before the wedding and one follow-up session 6 to 12 months after the wedding.  The cost for the series is $500 total, plus GST.


Topics include:

Life Goals


Family of Origin

Communication Skills

Conflict Management

Exploring Differences

Establishing Mature Love

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